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Images and alternate text: Logos

An logo image on the website can contain an alternate text with the name of the organisation. Sometimes this text also mentions that the image is a logo. Although this is not necessary, it does no harm either.

Organisation name as alternate text

Web developers must decide for themselves what is pleasant to read or hear. This alternate text is mainly a matter of ‘branding’: making it clear which organisation the website belongs to. However, usually the visitor will already know this. Therefore an empty alternate text is also acceptable.

Logo with organisation name as alternate text

<img src="/images/logo.gif" alt="Province of North Holland">


If the image is part of a link, it may be important that the alternate text explains where the link leads to, for example the homepage of the website.

Sometimes links on logos refer to the homepage of the website. Quite often, this page can be reached through the main navigation as well. In that case the logo is no longer the only way of accessing the homepage. Consequently, a non-empty alternate text for the logo is less important here. See also Navigation and Image maps.

Web Guidelines version 1.3, November 2007.