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Information architecture

Information architecture is the process of organising, labelling and structuring information. Information arch for the Web means: the organisation of sitecontent into logical categories and the development of a user interface (user environment) and navigation structure, to ensure that users can find information easily.

Elements of information architecture

The focus is on the effectiveness of information. Navigation, labelling (naming) and user interface (the user environment) are important components of the information architecture, as they are all about the findability of information.

Information architecture covers more elements (which will be discussed in the section on 'production'); what we are dealing with here are the components making up part of the 'blueprint' for the website.

How is information architecture reflected in a website

Good information architecture is integrated into the site and remains invisible. Users will only notice it in the sense that they will be able to find information quickly and relatively easily.

Contents: Information architecture

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  2. Site structure
  3. Navigation
  4. Naming

Web Guidelines version 1.3, November 2007.