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Tests: Usability Checklist

This checklist is meant for the general testing of the usability of the site prior to delivery.

Clearness of communication

  • Is it clear for whom the site is intended?
  • Is the 'tone-of-voice' appropriate for the target group?


  • Are the loading times reasonable (in relation to the content of the site)?
  • Is the site accessible for users with a physical handicap?
  • Is it easy for a user to contact the author or administrator of the site?


  • Is the overall 'look and feel' of the site consistent and clearly recognisable?
  • Is the site visually consistent without images?


  • Does the site use recognisable (standard) link colours?
  • Are links recognisable as links, and is it made clear where they lead?
  • Is navigating through the site comprehensible and easy?

Design and maintenance

  • Are hyperlinks being used effectively to link related items?
  • Dead links? Script errors? Do the forms work?
  • Have unexpected 'error scenarios' been taken into account?

Visual presentation

  • Does the site use colour in an appropriate, moderate way?
  • Does the site give visual feedback wherever possible? For example, highlighting navigation elements.

Contents: Testing

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  4. User-friendliness Checklist

Web Guidelines version 1.3, November 2007.