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Dutch House of Representatives

Session: 2005-2006

29 362 Modernising Government

No. 88
Motion of parlementarians Aasted-Madsen en Fierens

Introduced: 26 april 2006

The Chamber,

after deliberations,

considering, that all government websites should be accessible to all citizens;

considering, that the government itself created the Quality Mark;

considering, that the minister of BVK is planning to test all new Dutch government websites with the Web Guidelines;

requests the Dutch government,

her accessibility guidelines to conform with current and future guidelines formulated by the International World Wide Web Consortium (W3C;

before July 1st, using a top 10 priority list to inform the House of Representatives which websites fall under responsibility of the Dutch government, and when they will be accessible;

to ensure that before the end of 2006 at least 5 websites that fall under responsibility of the Dutch government, and from September 1st 2006 all new websites comply with the available international guidelines as defined by Quality Mark and the Web Guidelines.

and return to our daily routine.


House of Representatives, session 2005-2006, 29 362, no. 88

ISSN 0921 - 7371
Sdu Publishers
's-Gravenhage 2006